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Susan Goodan      Guest at  ChaosInc – Studio #13       921 Fairway Road NW

  email Susan    (505) 280-7113

I’m a practical person but also exuberant.  When a friend showed me one day how to sew a simple oilcloth bag, I started looking for more material and soon fell in love with the variety and gaiety of the patterns and colors in Mexican oilcloth. Many of them, like scents and smells, transport me to memories of my past, fragmented recollections of picnics, café tablecloths, family gatherings, shopping bags and queuing for vegetables at local markets, damp mornings and sunny, breezy afternoons. I acquired a dependable sewing machine and started to sew. Now I have a vast collection of oilcloth fabric and the ideas for combining them keep me curious and excited. And my studio is filled with brightness!  

My purpose is to bring joy to everyday, and to spread this to others.  With that in mind, my bags are simple. The totes, the zipper pouches and my “travelling office” envelopes are not overly complicated, and are versatile in function.  I want to enliven your day with their personality, and hope they bring frequent happy, or reflective moments to you.  

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