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Pea Garr    Guest at Cravin’ Cookies – Studio #1      10420 4th Street NW      email Pea       (505) 553-9008

Leftovers: an art endeavor that creates a bright new purpose for yesterday’s scraps.  

In a personal twist on up-cycling, I create solar-powered ART LAMPS for outdoorsWith repeating patterns, layers, light, and reflection, the whole  far  exceeds the sum of its parts.  Lighting an assemblage means an objet d’art with one personality by day, and another sometimes surprisingly different personality by night.   With our homes over-filled with art, I seek to adorn the patio, garden, and pathway with purposeful light and entertaining patterns.  I repurpose material from thrift stores and yard sales which is essentially being discarded.  My vision includes being as green as possible, “less harmful or more sensitive to the environment,” so my materials are locally sourced to minimize gasoline & shipping costs (carbon footprint), and the lamps are lit by solar because solar continues to be a wise, efficient, and very popular choice for the environment.  No bulky extension cords for these lamps, and the lamps can be left unattended with no risk of fire.  The solar-powered lamps work well in a sunny  yard transforming the pleasing daytime designs into  inflated nighttime patterns, casting influence over an extended area. Whimsy often finds its way into my art.  All are one-of-a-kind art lamps. 


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