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Michelle Arterburn    Guest at Studio #9    5808 Tinnin Road NW       email Michelle       

As a middle-schooler I remember sitting in shop class thinking about the internal workings of a ‘simple machine’…the manual pencil sharpener bolted to the wall at the front of the classroom. We were learning drafting (technical drawing for design and building) and were to look for items to examine and then translate into a mechanical drawing. It was in that classroom that my artistic….and technical, path began. I feel these aspects of the technical overlap in my artistic work, be it; stoneware to porcelain, realism watercolor paintings to hand-weaving, to artisan jewelry.   My work reflects who I am.  I care about attention to detail and the nostalgic.  I adore texture and pattern, weathered metal/brick, antique buttons and wax seals. I am especially drawn to the subjects of architecture, fish and vintage automobiles. I also draw inspiration from my time spent at home in New Mexico and the southern San Juan mountains of Colorado.  Most importantly, I am interested in integrating these elements, inspirations, subjects and surface into my work using various media and techniques. 


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