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Janet Bothne, Studio J   Studio #11   6601 4th Street NW   email Janet    (310) 666-1944

To cajole paint to assemble itself into something out of the void, especially in the abstract, requires an accord between artist and materials. There’s a back and forth required—seeing, reacting, being ever ready to give up on the ‘plan’ if the work dictates a new direction, and coming to trust that chaos and organization are the playful yin and yang of the whole.

The more challenges this process presents, the more I engage. It’s about being present and realizing there’s no perfection to be achieved, just a hard-earned accord.

The ultimate goal of my artistic practice is to achieve balance; a balance in the process between control and letting go, a balance esthetically between the simple and the complex, and balance conceptually between the familiar and the enigmatic.

If I’ve done my job well, my work will evoke emotion in the viewer—joy, excitement, or perhaps a delight that comes from a happy past association revisited. 


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