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Carol Mell     Guest at Studio #12    6509 Caballero Pkwy.  NW     email Carol     (575) 770-0743

I grew up in the wild places of Oregon and I hope my work reflects my early love and wonder at the natural world. I have been photographing the canyons and forests of the Southwest many years using innovative camera techniques and presentations. I now work in photo encaustic, melted beeswax and resin, which is a lush and sensuous way to present photography. Hold them close and you can smell the honeyed wax. 

 My imaginative journey into photography, which led me to wax, now extends into the realms of oil and cold wax painting, collage, mark making, fabric experiments and encaustic monotype.  

 In all my artistic iterations; writer, choreographer, dancer, photographer and painter it has been a profound belief of mine that spirit is in all things, that the creation is alive. I am a mother, and the relationship of humans to the planet is like that of mother to child. I have absorbed this teaching through many years of living with and near indigenous peoples.  

 In my journey through various art forms I always hoped my work would help people remember our fundamental and spiritual connection with the natural world and so I have exhorted my students, collectors and fans to “Follow the Dirt Road in Your Soul.” 


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