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Annie Onderdonk   Guest at Studio J – Studio #11   6601 4th Street NW

  email Annie    (505) 823-2406

The older I get, the more chances I take.  I realize that the worst that could happen is that I fail.  And I’ve failed enough to know that I will survive it and, if I’m diligent, I’ll learn valuable lessons, including how to turn a “failure” into a “success”.  I’ve been painting for three years and am still learning that my mistakes sometimes make the piece more relatable and interesting.  I’ve learned that perfectionism is highly overrated.   No matter how large or small, each painting is an adventure at the start.  I never know where it will take me and the mystery of it all hooks me in.   Along the way I may experience wanting to control the painting until I realize that letting go and going with the painting is the way it works best.  Fear is that first emotion of finding myself in front of a blank canvas.  But putting that first definite gesture of color is freeing.  Doubt is scattered throughout the working of the piece when I get stuck.  Patience and diligence gets me through that, sometimes by trying new techniques.  Acceptance is making peace with the work, knowing I can always improve but that, for where I am today, the piece works and I can say it is worthy. 


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